Bob Breitband on a G4 Power PC iBook mac

Bob Breitband seems to be the cheapest not-quite-a-contract mobile internet service on offer in Austria at the moment (55 Euro for the modem, including 1 GB of transfer, then after that it’s 4 Euro per GB).  So, I ordered a starter pack without checking to see if my iBook mac would be capable of talking to the modem. It cannot, I learned from the Windows(-only) CD in the pack, and from their helpline.  I will have to use a different modem, they sadly informed me.  Thanks to Google I got the thing working eventually anyway.

Here’s the useful info:

  • the USB thingy (3G modem?) that comes with the Bob pack is a Huawei E160.
  • APN stands for Access Point Name.
  • A posting on Ev’s Tech Thought of the Day blog got me started, but the drivers posted there don’t work on my machine (they appear to be Intel only).
  • The Bob competitor yesss! has a page with a Mac download for the E160 (found thanks to this forum), see “Installation für Mac OSX” at the bottom of this page.  This got me a little further: the software talks to the modem, and communicates with the the mobile network.  However it didn’t let me connect to t’internet.
  • The driver for the E220 works with the E160.  Grab it over here and follow the instructions here for the driver that doesn’t work.
  • One key detail seems to be disabling the SIM card’s PIN using the yessss!-site downloadable software I mentioned above.

Some kind soul who is struggling with the same problem and who has time on their hands might want to piece this together systematically.  I’m not going to risk killing my net connection today to work out what bits actually do the work!