This amused me—from Mindhacks, Vaughan on Paul McKenna’s appearance on desert island discs:

“When you hear a song, back in say the 70s, the first time you heard it, it sounded absolutely fantastic and it’ll never sound like that again. So, I age regressed myself – I know this sounds a little unusual – and took myself back and then whacked on Sister Sledge, and it just sounded phenomenal. It sounded like it did years ago. It was fresh, with those amazing big disco drums…”

Paul McKenna, confusing the sound of drums with the sound of serious hypnosis researchers banging their heads against the wall.


I know little about hypnosis, but Dienes and Perner (2007) give one theory of what’s going on. (I’ve been to a great talk by Zoltan Dienes who does detailed work on implicit learning—also a fascinating subject and one which is crying out to be plugged into reasoning research.)

Dienes, Z., & Perner, J. (2007). The cold control theory of hypnosis. In G. Jamieson (Ed.), Hypnosis and conscious states: The cognitive neuroscience perspective. Oxford University Press, pp 293-314.