Kill TV

(No idea who the artist is. I think this is in Bassano del Grappa. Photos from here and here.)

Update: the work was created by a group of artists who call themselves Prometheus: Tommaso Garavini, Tommaso Guerra, Flavia Di Nardo, and Giorgio Mazzone. (See here.)

RSA Student Exhibition 2008

Go check it out at the RSA on the Mound. (Some photos here.)

My favourite pieces (one day I hope to track down more by the artists and link to details…):

  • Untitled (View from Tower of Babylon) by Hirofumi Suda. (Colours, warm, lovely.)
  • Atopos by Ross Brown.
  • Standing Still by Christine Wylie. (Nice handwriting.)
  • Keep Out by Steven Smith. (Cool scaffolding painting thing.)
  • Untitled by David Anderson
  • Untitled by Anneli Holmström. (Umbrellas.)
  • Thirty Seven Things I Encountered at Art School by Steven Harrison. (Including “Sex”, “Twats”, “Pretension”, and “Dust”.)
  • Nine Reflections by Amelia Smith. (Mirror thing — gothic colours dark modern.)
  • Morph by Helen Shaddock. (Nice action photo — top off.)
  • The Air Moves at C# by Catriona Glover. (Bed sheet thing.)
  • Soiled by Ruby Pester
  • Wet Dream by Kadie Salmon. (Fetishfishdeath? Staged photography organisms.)
  • St James Institute of Oncology, Connecting Corridor, by Victoria Baker. (Nice corridor.)

[Thanks Leuce for the tip-off!]