Refinement and reverse engineering

I wonder to what extent ideas developed by the likes of Martin Ward on refinement and its inverse be used in the field of connectionist-symbolic integration? More generally, help us to understand the different forms a representation can take and to relate different flavours of representation.

The first paper I read on this which I vaguely understood was by Pinkas (1995). There he showed how Hopfield nets can be thought of as finding preferred models of a non-monotonic sentential logic he named penality logic. Another way of thinking of this could be that the network configuration is a refinement of the logical theory? Or the logical theory is a reverse engineering of the network?

Pinkas, Gadi (1995), Reasoning, Nonmonotonicity and Learning in Connectionist Networks that Capture Propositional Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence, 77(2), 203-247

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