Software I use

This page is mostly so I can quickly get going on a new computer (and it’s a bit out of date)…

  • R  (I miss decent type checking)
  • RStudio
  • Haskell (GHC)
  • Python.  The Pygame library is handy for psych experiment programming.
  • Crimon Editor: small and nice.
  • M$ Excel.  Useful for quick manipulation of tables, e.g., adding colours to make effects standout. I find it handy to copy output from R, paste into Excel, and then use Data… Text to columns… to make into a table, e.g., for pasting into a paper. Niki also told me about this handy LaTeX table plugin
  • M$ Powerpoint. Necessary evil.  Faster than beamer and with a LaTeX plugin. OpenOffice fineish too.
  • LaTeX (MikTeX on Windows), WinEdt (one of the few shareware programs I’ve purchased – excellent) and LaTable. It’s possible though painful to make posters using beamerposter. Recently Adobe decided to break its Reader program so that it no longer works with WinEdt. The solution: install version 8.1.3 and ensure all PDFs open in the SAME window.  Now using the excellent TeXnicCenter which does very sensible compiling and sync with the pdf.
  • OpenOffice Draw.  Makes PDFs for inclusion in pdflatex files.
  • Mendeley
  • Firefox and Thunderbird.
  • Command Prompt Here powertoy – unnecessary in Windows 7.
  • ImDisk
  • VirtualBox
  • SFTP SilverSHielD (server) and Swish (client) for Windows
  • Cmap, for making concept maps

Qualitative annotation

Inference engines of various kinds

Linear programming

  • lp_solve: a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver