A random number

Here is something pseudorandom.


I chose the number using the following code…

gimmenum <- function(digits) {
  sample(0:9, digits, replace = T) |>
  paste(collapse = "")

… and it wasn’t on Google when I searched (11pm BST, 26 June 2022); however, other numbers close to it were.


10:30pm BST, 30 June 2022 (or earlier) another page indexed by Google had the same number.

8pm BST, 11 July 2022, there are now 27 other pages with the number – all on blogspot. They look rather spammy/scammy.

11pm BST, 18 July 2022, Google says there are two results but only link to one – this page.

11pm BST, 26 Oct 2022, Google says there is one result and it links here.

10:30pm BST, 13 Aug 2023, five scammy/spammy results, four of which have a .ru domain.