Human Rights Annual Report, from the UK Foreign Affairs Select Committee

The report is available in HTML and PDF.  Nothing too surprising—some extracts from the conclusions:

US torture

49. In 2005, President Bush said that “we do not torture”…

50. … The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the US Government has admitted using water-boarding against detainees in recent years…

51. David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has said: “I consider that water-boarding amounts to torture”.


88. … the overall human rights situation in Afghanistan is difficult and in some areas appears to be worse than at any point since the fall of the Taliban.

Burma (Myanmar)

96. … the human rights record of the Burmese junta, evidenced by its response to pro-democracy protests and the devastation of Cyclone Nargis, is reprehensible.


103. … there continues to be little evidence that the Government’s Human Rights Dialogue with China is achieving significant results.


112. … China’s policies towards Tibet have fostered a culture of repression.


117. … the human rights situation in Colombia is serious and shows little sign of improvement. We further conclude that allegations of extra-judicial executions by the Colombian military, and the continued targeting of trade unionists, cannot be ignored.


122. … Iran’s human rights record remains shocking and appears to be deteriorating.


128. … the human rights situation in Iraq remains very difficult. We believe that the deteriorating human rights situation faced by women in many parts of Iraq is unacceptable…

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

144. … some of Israel’s actions against the Palestinians have been disproportionate and we conclude that Israeli policies towards the population of the Gaza Strip as a whole have been a form of collective punishment. … the Government is absolutely correct to condemn all forms of violence committed by Palestinians against the Israeli population…

North Korea

148. … the human rights situation in North Korea is extremely grave.


155. … there are serious and wide-ranging human rights abuses in Pakistan.


160. …the Russian parliamentary and Presidential elections demonstrated democratic deficiencies and were a missed opportunity for the advancement of democracy in Russia.

Saudi Arabia

167. … the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia is one of the worst in the world.


174. … the FCO’s report fails to pay sufficient attention to the severe human rights crisis in Somalia. We are particularly concerned by the absence of any mention of alleged abuses carried out by Ethiopian troops in the country. Strong denials by the Ethiopian Government are not sufficient cause for omitting these allegations.


180. … the human rights situation in Sudan remains of paramount concern. We are disappointed that the UN-African Union hybrid peacekeeping force for Darfur has yet to fully deploy.


185. … the repression of civil liberties in Syria continues to give cause for concern. […] We further recommend that the international community does not relax the pressure on Syria to improve its human rights record even if progress is achieved on other political and foreign policy fronts.


197. Robert Mugabe’s human rights record is utterly appalling. The first round of the Presidential election in March 2008 was deeply flawed, and the delay in announcing the results was unacceptable.