Hot off the press: consciousness not epiphenomenon

According to Stuart Hameroff:

“… evidence suggests backwards time effects occur in the brain.  Quantum entanglement apparently depends on seemingly backward time effects which, as unconscious quantum information, can potentially rescue consciousness from the unfortunate position of illusory epiphenomenon.”

From Hameroff’s latest, The brain is both neurocomputer and quantum computer, in Cognitive Science [pdf].

What do you make of this?

2 thoughts on “Hot off the press: consciousness not epiphenomenon”

  1. Such a rescue of consciousness can only be properly take place by the development of a clear and detailed enough theory of a cause acting nonlocally in addition to the forces.

  2. The seems to be an instance of what Asimov called the fallacy of the equality of unknowns, viz:
    a) We don’t understand consciousness at all.
    b) We don’t understand quantum entanglement (though we do have some equations that work rather well).

    Therefore, consciousness is due to quantum entanglement.

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