On eco-toffs and spies

According to IndyMedia, an employee of C2i International tried to infiltrate Plane Stupid, a direct action group opposed to aviation. (See also this Times article.) I love the comment here:

I recognise him – he’s often hanging out in bars in Fulham pretending to be important.

He recently tried to chat up one of my girlfriends. When she asked him what job he did, he said ‘security – but I can’t say anything more, it’s all hush hush if you know what I mean’ But two minutes later he was telling me that he had been ‘working undercover’ and he had been ‘infiltrating an extremist group that posed a threat to national security’.

True/false who knows. (Note also Ian Bone‘s amusing take on eco-toffs.)

Wow, Mark Thomas has been spied on by one of his friends, the whole operation organised by Evelyn Le Chêne (described in the Times as a “grandmother from Gravesend”).

Turns out that councils can spy on you, e.g., to check whether you’re lying about where you live to get your kids into a better school. Check out, e.g., this BBC News article — especially the video footage of the council guy where he’s very careful not to describe the issue as one of better/worse schools, and the guy from Liberty who only just about manages to avoid screaming “CAN’T YOU SEE THIS IS COMPLETELY CRAZY?”. The Guardian lists some examples of notes taken by the council spies:

“female and three children enter target vehicle and drive off”

“curtains open and all lights on in premises”

Worrying, yes?