Dov Gabbay’s papers

Just noticed that Dov Gabbay’s webpage now (well, could have been for a while) has a load of his papers in PDF.  Also check out the wonderful interview with Dov Gabbay in Ta! and a more recent one in the Reasoner.  Here’s some of his advice on encouraging communication between different communities from the latter:

The different communities I mentioned before will communicate more to each other. But you can accelerate the process. For example, it can take ten years to a PhD student to find the connections between voting theory and belief revision, or you can go ahead and organize a conference on it! Sooner or later the communities will talk to each other. It is like a boy and a girl on a trip. They are very compatible and they like each other. Sooner or later something will happen, but you can accelerate it by putting them together in the same room the first night of the holiday. One way or the other, it will happen.