Craig Murray on the intelligence services

Over here.  Key bits:

  • “There are some very right wing people in the security services. It is essential for our democracy that they are not allowed to interfere with our lawmakers.”
  •  “Commentators are generally puzzled by the government’s refusal to make bugging material admissible as evidence in court, and tend to take the view that this is a last vestige of liberalism. […]  In fact this is the opposite. Bugging material is in fact used in court, sanitised as ‘intelligence’, and given in tiny out of context clips to judges in camera to justify continued detention without trial or control orders. […] The defence and the ‘suspect’ are not shown the “intelligence” or even given any hint what they are supposed to have done.”
  • “… The same is true, incidentally, of the so-called liquid bomb plotters, some of whom were also bugged for over a year, revealing no plot to bomb up airplanes. Not helpful to have all that in court if you are trying to hype the terrorist threat.”