Big Brother: “Simplifying Passenger Travel”

If you’re flying on a Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong or an Emirates flight to Dubai, departing from Heathrow’s terminal 3, and returning before January 31st, then you’ll get the opportunity to use the new miSense biometrics system, “making travelling easier, while maintaining security” (BBC News). Apparently passengers will be “fast-tracked past queues through security and boarding controls” – wonderful! I wonder will those who choose not to volunteer to use the system be given special treatment?

Why these particular countries? The United Arab Emirates was the home of two of the 9/11 hijackers (allegedly) – perhaps they’ve been roped in to try to keep the US government happy? Hong Kong: perhaps because there’s still a huge British presence (and influence?) there? According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Consulate General in Hong Kong is the largest British consulate in the world; also there are 3.6 million British passport holders. Also important, perhaps, is that it’s a major gateway into and (increasingly) out of China: are the Brits worried about who or what may be flown in?

Something to keep an eye on…

One thought on “Big Brother: “Simplifying Passenger Travel””

  1. Probably just because Cathay and Emirates are smart enough to want to keep their customers happier, whereas others are not. Could be wrong.

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