Backing up files

Backing up files is a jolly good idea, even if the disk on which you’ve saved the file you love is backed up by computer services. I shan’t go into the details, but this evening I lost a file, an innocent looking small file, which I put a lot of work into creating. I hope the computing folk have a backup. If they don’t have a backup then this incoming week is going to be a very long week indeed.

If you too have a file that you love dearly and don’t want to lose, I’d suggest taking a moment now to save it on a USB stick; email it to yourself; print its contents; perhaps light a candle.

I’m consoling myself by reading Candide. All is for the best, in this the best of all possible worlds. Here, have a quote:

“At the court-martial, Candide was asked whether he preferred to run the gauntlet thirty-six times through the whole regiment, or to have his skull split by a dozen bullets. It was no use saying that he didn’t want either. He had to choose; so he exercised that devine gift known as ‘Free Will’ by choosing to run the gauntlet thirty-sex times.

“He performed two of these canters. Since the regiment numbered two thousand men, this meant four thousand rammer blows, which laid his muscles and nerves bare from the neck to the rump.

“As they were getting ready for the third lap, Candide gave up, and asked them, as a favour, to blow his brains out.”

And another:

“‘Ah me,’ said Candide, ‘I too have known this love, sovereign of hearts, soul of our souls. All it brought me was one kiss, and a score of kicks on the backside.”

Today I went to a helpful how-to-teach-stats-in-an-amusing-manner workshop. One of the more bizarre examples the speaker used to demonstrate his style was in the same genre of research as something I have read on inserting balloons into people’s bottoms. This made me feel warm inside. Must remember to send him a reference on sperm plungers.*

Time to step away from the computer. Ciao.


* Update: I did, and he added it to his textbook 🙂